Stego – AI Powered Test Authoring Tool


to Author Any Test Cases

for Faster Testing Automation 


Writing test scenario is as simple as drag-n-drop captured UI images. No programming experience is required.

All Essential Manual Operation beyond Simple Touch Supported

Test cases including Scroll, Zoom, Swipe, Input and Long Touch are supported. Your imagination is the only limitation to write your test case.

Accelerate Test Automation with
AI-Powered Test Scenario Authoring Tool


AI Vision selector accelerates authoring your test case more than 5 times compared to scripting.


Test scenarios you created on our Stego can be uploaded to to be tested on 100 devices in parallel.

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How to Use Stego

step 1

Install Stego and Connect Your Devices

Install Stego on your Mac and connect your device (iOS/Android).
Once connected, a mirrored screen of the device will appear where you can use the mouse to operate like a real device.

step 2

Create a Test Step: Drag-n-Drop UI image (Captured with AI Vision)

Capture a UI Image and drag it to a new test step. No coding needed.
Drag-n-Drop is all you need to create your complex test scenario.
step 3

Finally, Run Test Scenario

Check each step individually by ‘single step run’.
Once confirmed, run them all with one click.
& More

Optionally, Scale up Your Test on Multiple Devices at Device Cloud

Stego is already sufficient to perform simple test automation.
Also, if needed, scaling the same test on multiple devices can be easily achieved by uploading your test scenario to


Support a Master Scenario for Multiple Mobile OS

If iOS and Android share a similar UI design and navigation flow, authoring a test scenario for one mobile platform and migrating it to the other platform is easy. Overall scenario authoring will be 3 times faster than authoring them individually.

Authoring Friendly Mirrored Device Screen

Real device screen is mirrored for easier test case authoring.

Support Ad-hoc Test Steps Based on URL-Imported Screenshot from external devices

Maximise test case capability by adding an ad-hoc case based on URL imported sample screenshot.

Special App such as Mobile Web Browser & System App Supported

Only a few steps w.r.t updated UI in the new binary can be easily added to previous scenario, so it's a lot faster to sync up with new binary

4 Concurrent Testing Supported

Up to 4 devices connected locally can be tested concurrently. Also, unlimited concurrent testing can be handled at the Cloud

Updating an old test scenario to reflect the new app binary is easy

Only a few steps w.r.t updated UI in the new binary can be easily added to previous scenario, so it's a lot faster to sync up with new binary

Support Modern iOS and Android Devices

Any iOS and Android Devices Supported (iOS 11+, Android 8+)

Support Other Devices beyond Mobile Platform (i.e. Set Top Box Testing Coming Soon)

Setup Box, IPTV platform will be supported in 4Q of 2022.

Test Smarter, Faster and More with Stego

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Experience easy test automation now. 

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